Decorate: How to design strand pendant lights

You will need:

1 x tape measure, 3 metres of three-core braided lighting flex, 3 x cord-grip ceiling rose, 3 x cord-grip lamp holder, 3 x 40-watt globe 95mm bayonet cap light bulb, 1 x sketch book, 1 x pen, 1 x qualified electrician.

I sourced my large golf ball light bulbs (almost 10cm in diameter) from, bright red fabric cord from and my aged brass cord-grip lamp holders and ceiling roses from Use a sketch book and pen to plan your strands – remember to step each strand so you have three differing lengths.

Take a tape measure and work out the length and rough position of each strand from the longest one down. Mark up your sketch with the distances of each strand and the space between the ceiling rose fixtures – remember that you will lose a little length on each when they are wired up.

Discuss the products you intend to use for the installation with your electrician as well as the wattage you will be running through the fittings. They will then be able to check your electrical wiring and the suitability of the fittings. Provide your dimension sketch for clarification, as this will allow the electrician to understand the length you want for each strand and the placement of the ceiling roses.

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