Decorate: How to make a school coat rack

You will need:

1 x wooden floorboard measuring approximately 150cm, 7 x iron coat hooks, 1 x electric drill, 1 x sheet of medium-grade sandpaper, 4 x long screws, 4 x rawl plugs, 1 x danish oil, 1 x small paint brush, 1 x tarpaulin, 1 x cloth, 1 x measuring tape, 1 x pencil.

I sourced my Victorian pine floorboard from, the ‘Appleby’ iron coat hooks from and all of the other materials from

Rub the board down with sandpaper to remove any dirt and to reveal the wood’s grains and natural markings. If, like me, you are using an antique board sand it very gently to prevent any damage to the wood.

Protect your working area with tarpaulin. Pour the danish oil directly on to your paint brush, then use it to coat the board and its edges. Be sure to apply it thickly and that a layer remains on top of the wood’s surface to sink in.

Check the board after half an hour and rub the excess off with a cloth (old T-shirts are best). Concentrating on one side at a time, reapply and repeat this process until you have the desired depth of colour.

Measure your board and work out the placement of the hooks, using a measuring tape and pencil to plot out where each hook will be placed (hold the hook to the board and mark through the screw holes with your pencil). Finally, mark a hole at each corner for the larger screws that will fix the rack to the wall.

Using your drill, create an indent two-thirds of the screw’s length for each hook fixing, then drill four holes at each corner of the board. Fix the hooks to the board with the screws and screwdriver. Measure the distance between the board’s corner holes and mark on wall, then drill corresponding holes in the wall for the rawl plugs. Finally, screw the board to the wall with the rawl plugs.

Time to get those coats hung up – for a change.

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